Mindful Mosaic Blanket - Knit

We know how beneficial the rhythmic and repetitive motions of knitting can be for mental health, so we’ve combined these ideas with the Mindful Mosaic Blanket.
Craft: Knit
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Home
Designer: Mel Kennelly

Take a little time each day to sit, check in with yourself and knit a simple little square. Each day, choose a color that represents your mood. The concept is similar to a temperature blanket, but focused on your feelings instead of the weather. By the end of the 357+ days it will take to create this blanket, maybe you’ll be able to notice some patterns, or just feel a bit more comfortable checking in with your emotions…. But no matter what, you’ll at least have a great new blanket!

If you prefer to crochet, you can find the crochet version here.

Approximately 46½" / 118 cm wide x 56½"/ 143.5 cm long

BERROCO PIMA 100 (100g): Yarn amounts will vary depending on your mood, but we used approximately 2 hanks per color. Because the colors will be scattered in small squares, dye lots don’t matter, so feel free to buy yarn as needed.

Kit includes 2 of each of the following colors. 
#8414 Day Lily(C1), #8429 Zinnea(C2), #8463 Iris(C3), #8480 Powder Blue(C4), #8489 Sage(C5), #8424 Globe Thistle(C6), #8452 Lavender(C7) & #8401 Magnolia(C8)

Get the pattern here: Mindful Mosaic Blanket - Knit 

Knitting needles, size 7 / 4.5 mm or size to obtain gauge

1 mitered square (20 rows) = 2½" / 6 cm
Gauge is measured after blocking. To save time and ensure accurate measurements, take time to check gauge.