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ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Pre- Order

$210 is the inital deposit for the pre-order, you may choose to make the deposit or pay in full.

This set is being shipped to us sometime in the beginning of 2024!

$210 is for the pre-order ONLY!

The full price of the set is $330, the remainder of your payment will be due upon delivery if you choose to only pay the deposit.


The ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 set features:

Eight Carbon Fiber [S] Tips in Sizes US-2 (2.75mm) through US-8 (5.0mm): These tips are made of durable and lightweight carbon fiber material, which is much stronger than wood and less likely to break. The pointed end of each tip is still the polished stainless steel. These smaller sized tips are perfect for knitting with fine yarns and creating delicate stitches.
Six African Blackwood [L] Tips in Sizes US-9 (5.5mm) through US-15 (10.0mm): These tips are the same elegant combination of sleek stainless steel and luxurious African Blackwood as was used in the original ChiaoGoo Forté set.
Six silver, memory-free, multi-strand steel SWIV360 cables: Two 14” (35cm) – one each [S] & [L] (to make 24”/60cm circulars) Two 22” (55cm) – one each [S] & [L] (to make 32”/80cm circulars) Two 30” (75cm) - one each [S] & [L] (to make 40”/100cm circulars) 
Three [S] Red TWIST Cables: This is a new addition to the set. These cables provide a smoother transition to the swivel action. (14"/35cm, 22"/55cm & 30"/75cm) 
Packed with Accessories: The ChiaoGoo Forté 2.0 set has everything you need to make your knitting projects a success. It contains all of the original accessories — a retractable measuring tape, stainless steel scissors, a swatch/needle gauge, a fully-stocked tools kit tin (four end stoppers, 20 stitch markers, two tightening keys, four cable connectors, one heart-shaped gripper, two darning needles, two [L] - [S] adapters, and two safety pins).
Elegant and functional full zipper enclosure case; double-sided removable needle board that firmly houses all tips; elastic that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories; as well as four pockets to hold the rest of your knitting supplies including a pattern or notes